The notes that exists on this site, are notes written primarily for my own sake. partially as an exercise in checking that I have actually understood a subject, partially to save and communicate this knowledge. You are free to use these notes for any non-commercial use you see fit, and may share them freely, again under the restriction that it is for non-commercial use only.


I have studied mathematics alongside my education in physics and, since I originally aspired to work in theoretical quantum information, much of the mathematics I picked up along the way is tangential so quantum theory. There are of course single pieses of math or proofs which are completely unrelated to anything else I have done that I have included on the sole merit that i find them quite enjoyable. I am currently in the process of transcribing a lot of my notes into TeX, so they will be uploaded as I get them done.


I received a masters degree in physics from University of Copenhagen in 2017, and like the notes from mathematics, these are transcribed to TeX, so these will be updated and uploaded as they get done.

Feynman Parametrization

So, I wrote a note on Feynman parametrisation. It is a quite simple proof of the entire parametrisation scheme, which I haven't found anywhere else, although some of the simpler cases of similar identities come quite close, and uses the same techniques. I hope you enjoy it, and find it useful.


I am currently working in mathematical epidemiology, and due to the current state of the world with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, that is quite dominating for my work, which currently involves massive amounts of data being analysed. My main focus though is on more general models for dynamic disease modelling.