Software Projects

I have a few small software projects that I am working on. Mostly it is for my own sake to keep in shape in regards to programming, but if anyone would like to benefit from what I have done so far, they are welcome to do so :)
I currently have a github page, where you can access my code, which is (in accordance with my views on free software) licensed under GPL. My plan is to eventually move my projects to a remote repo that is not economically dependent on Micro$oft, or any of the other digital enslavement organizations.

Free software, privacy, digital slavery, and democracy

I have become fairly involved in the cause of Free software. I am a member of the currently functioning society for free software in Denmark "Fri software netværk" that is independent of both FSF and EFF, but pretty aligned in their causes.
My function in this society so far have been in outreach and communication, which I enjoy. This have in particular been focusing on high-school students as an awareness campaign.

I believe (I don't try to preach, you are totally entitled to your own opinion, man), that the current way of how the web functions, is somewhere in-between economically and democratically unsustainable, to problematic. The way platforms in particular incentivise people to become dependent of their "services". The role social media have taken as a form of privatized public space in digital format, is from my point of view currently enslaving its users in the digital space. Thus, I dub the far majority of the large tech-companies "Digital enslavement organizations".